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Chris Barton, owner of Over the Waves LLC was born and raised in Delaware. He grew up vacationing in Lewes, DE where he cultivated a passion for surf fishing. Chris is an avid fisherman, with active memberships in the Delaware Mobile Surf Fishing (D.M.S. Org) and Assateague Mobile Sportsfisherman’s Association (A.M.S.A)  

Chris came up with the idea of making a Sand Stick out of Aluminum due to years of frustration using the traditional PVC pipe to hold the fishing rod while on the beach. He decided to make the Sand Stick taller enabling the line to reach over the break of the waves. After several friends liked his invention and mentioned they wanted one, Chris started Over the Waves, LLC in May of 2012.
The aluminum Sand Stick is durable, light weight, and easy to manuever in the sand helping you succeed with catching the"big one".  OTW Sand Sticks always come with a signature red rag attached to the Sand Stick.
In 2013, OTW expanded their product line to Surf Racks and apparel following in 2014 with the new Beverage Holder.  With the Surf Rack came the accessories that were needed to accompany the rack on the beach.  
OTW Sand Sticks are sold in major bait shops and marine stores in Delaware, some in Maryland, and New Jersey as well.  Expanding soon to other areas.